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Rates and Policies
In my experience, the project is the priority. 
The most satisfactory end-product, and lasting client-talent relationships, result from a balanced consideration of project requirements and budget resources. I'm always willing to consider your established budget for a particular project.​

Voice-over / Narration = $35 per finished minute with a $75 minimum
Additional charges may apply for multiple market or extended flight usage.
An hourly studio rate is available for multiple-spot campaign packages.

Copy Writing Base Rate = $55 per hour
Script Writing = $175 for :30 or :60 individual script;
     $125 per script minute for audio or video projects exceeding one minute

Editing and Proofreading = $9 per page

Campaign Concepts and Production Direction = $65 per hour

Consultation = $45 per hour

Customized Package Rates are available on a per-project basis.
Customized Retainer Fees are available for more extensive campaigns